Why is the correct method of eyelash extension application important!

Why is the correct method of eyelash extension application so important?
The correct method of eyelash extension application is extremely important to maintain the health of your natural lashes.We were born with eyelashes to protect our eyes. If your eyelash extensions are incorrectly applied, you may end up with permanant damage to your natural lashes.
Many “Lash artists” (I use that term very lightly) cause permanant damage along with not properly informing your clients of appropriate aftercare.

Too much glue

Using too much glue not only adds extra weight to your lash, it may not dry completely causing clumping together of extensions.

Isolation is the key

Isolation is incredibly important. Extensions should be placed to one natural lash.
Incorrect isolation can cause alot of pain to your client, infections and permant lash damage.
Natural lashes have a shedding process. When extensions are placed correctly this will not disrupt the process at all.

Incorrect length

The length of your extensions should only be 1/3 longer than your natural lashes using .15 diamter on a thick healthy lash.

Incorrect thickness

The thickness of the extensions is purely placed on the health and thickness of your natural lash.
.05, .06, .07 thickness are for volume lashes.
.10 can be used as volume or on very fine lashes singulary.
.12 Is used in classic 1:1 lashes
.15 Is used on strong healthy lashes.
.20 and above shall not be used. These are too thick and can cause permanant damge to your natural lashes.

Cleansing your extensions

Cleansing your eyelash extensions wth an eyelash extension approoved lash cleanser is extreemly important.
This will not only improove lash retention. It will take off make up, remove excess oils, dust and debris from the eye area.
Not cleansing lashes can cause bad retention of your extensions from oil build up.
Infections from make up, dust and debris along your lash line that can weaken your lashes.

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