Eyelash Extension Allergy Remedies, Tips, and Aftercare

What to do when you have an allergy to eyelash extensions or adhesives?


Allergies can happen to anyone. Whether it be medical surgical grade adhesives, superglue, or even adhesives left over from tape. 


If you have had contact with any adhesives, and allergy can occur within the first few minutes or a reaction can be almost 24 hours delayed. Here are some steps and tips to help remedy an allergy to adhesives, such as Eyelash Extension Adhesives.


1.)     Take an allergy medication. 

Medications such as Benadryl or Claritin are both some examples of medications that can be purchased over the counter. These medications can help relieve itchiness, redness, and the allergy that is affecting the body. For dosage, follow the directions of the medication as prescribed or directed.  (Depending on each person, please ask your doctor before taking, if you are a candidate for such medications or other alternatives.) This will help relieve the patient or client much faster than just topical remedies. 

TIP: Taking an allergy pill before an appointment, for example: before a free trial appointment, will also help reduce the severity or if any allergy that we’re to occur, before, during, or after the appointment.  




2.)     Make sure to remove all adhesive and lashes.

This can be tricky, because every client who has a reaction, there first instinct is to get them off. But getting everything off can also be difficult without the help of a professional. Whatever you do, do not yank, pull, or scrape off the lashes. Even if you get the lashes off, you may have damaged or may have pulled out natural lashes out. However, residue from the adhesive may still be on the lashes, that clients may not be able to see. 

So here are a few things you can do.


a.       Set up an appointment for the following morning/day for removal (for safe measure.)  

That way, when you come in, they can get all of the adhesive and lash extensions off safely and done professionally.


b.        Lash Remover Products


If you live far away from your technician, or you cannot make it in for another appointment such as a.) recommended, than ask your tech if you can purchase a lash remover or purchase/take home a small amount of the lash remover. Depending on the tech, some will give you a small dollop to take home, for a diy home removal, or may make you purchase some, if they have extra on hand. Follow the directions of the remover. Usually the remover can have oils and salt, to break down the bonds faster. The salt may cause itchiness, but you’ll know it’s working. Put it on the lashes only, one eye at a time, gently. Apply with qtips or microfiber brushes and massage into the lashes. For free trials, wait for about 5-10 minutes or less, for full sets it may need 10-20 minutes (less or more.) The solution will break down the bonds and they extensions and adhesive should “slide” right off. Once both eyes are complete, make sure to wash.



c.       Oils (Diy remover)  


 Instead of a lash extensions/bond remover, you can go the natural way. Oils. Baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or any kind of oils is ideal. Our favorite is petroleum jelly, because it holds a heavy “whipped texture” without moving or sliding around such as oils do. Because the adhesive is predominantly oil based, when oils and oils mix, they break down. Meaning the bonds will begin to break down. Apply with qtips or microfiber brushes and massage into the lashes. For free trials, wait for about 5-10 minutes or less, for full sets it may need 10-20 minutes (less or more.) The solution will break down the bonds and they extensions and adhesive should “slide” right off. Once both eyes are complete, make sure to wash.


3.)     Rinse

Make sure no matter what removal that you do, that you rinse your eyes for 2-5 minutes with first warm water, and then cold water. The warm water will make sure to get all product out of the eyes or around the eyes, such as solutions or oils from the removal. After a few minutes, switching to cold water will than remove any traces of product while soothing the eyes. 

4.)     Cold Compresses


To follow up with your allergy, doing cold compresses on the eyes will also sooth the eyes or irritated skin. Some people can just use ice in a bag, or a compress bag. Other can use the gel compress bags after frozen. Or for extra benefit, get the eye cover gel compress. Similar to a sleeping mask, but made just for the eyes. You can use hands free, and easy to sleep without the compress sliding off. Use after frozen. 

5.)     Aloe Vera

If the skin still has any redness, itchiness or feels “warm,” use a small amount of aloe vera to the skin. The aloe will help calm any redness, itchiness or burning, and the green undertone will help the redness or inflamed skin neutralize and begin to calm and heal. Aloe vera from the plant can be used. Please note, when using an aloe vera plant leaves, when broken, the gel can be sticky. Aloe vera can also be bought over the counter in a gel form or lotion form (a remedy for sunburns, found in the sun care isle.) Make sure to double check the ingredients for any allergies to any product before using. 

TIP: Make sure to continue taking any allergy medications, and continue any cleansing and soothing steps with the eyes, even after removing of the extensions and adhesive, until the allergy has subsided and is cured. 

TIP: Please note that anytime you have an allergy, to tell your doctor that you have an allergy to adhesives. Most medical grade adhesives are the same or follow the same ingredients. Medical grade adhesives are used for sutures or even surgeries. With this being said, have your doctors make a note for an allergy on your patient file. That way, in case of medical emergencies in the future, doctors will know to reframe from using any adhesives on patients with a known allergy to those products. 



***TIP: If you have an allergy or irritation to eyelash extensions or adhesive that does not subside, or that does not show signs of improvement (especially after any steps or tips that we have given as relief to the eyes, skin or lashes), please seek medical attention.***

If you have an allergy, please contact your eyelash extension technician. Allergies can happen from adhesives, tape, eye pads, lashes, or other items.



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