The Truth about Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

The Truth about Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

MARCH 9th , 2016

If you already have Eyelash Extensions or have been thinking about getting them, then I’m sure you have done a bit of research on which lashes are the best and why. As Eyelash Extensions grow in popularity, there is more and more information available to consumers on the web. There are Silk Lashes, Faux Mink Lashes, Synthetic Lashes, Real Mink Lashes. How do you decide which is right for you? I can give you a little background information on each type of extension.

Synthetic Lashes

These are made from a polished, acrylic material and are the firmest/sturdiest lashes. They have a shinier, thicker look than Silk or Faux Mink. Most find these lashes don’t feel as soft or as natural as a silk, mink or faux mink. Synthetic lashes are ideal for short term use because of their thickness and feel, I wouldn’t recommend getting Synthetic lashes in the long term because they can be damaging to your natural lashes.

Silk Lashes

Silk lashes are a mid weight lash extension which are finer and more flexible than synthetic lashes. They provide a very soft natural look and generally last longer than the synthetic ones.

Faux Mink

Lustlash is a cruelty free studio which is why we use Faux Mink Eyelash extensions and would never use real Mink lashes. Our faux mink lashes are made of man made fibres right here in Canada by, faux mink lashes are designed to imitate real mink fur. They are lightweight, soft and silky and come in many different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures to perfectly match your natural lash. Depending on how they are applied, you can achieve a soft more natural look or a bold, dramatic look. Faux Mink also hold their curl even when they are wet.

Real Mink Lashes

There are companies that say their Real Mink Lashes are cruelty free, but the truth is that most cant answer questions on how the hair is harvested and the treatment of the animals. I would stay away from places that offer Real Mink Lashes because you just don’t know what the process was to make the lashes. Real Mink lashes are lightweight and soft, but because they are real fur, they will not hold their shape and curl when wet. You can re-curl them with a heated eyelash curler.

Check out this link below to learn more about the truth on Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

We are proud to be Cruelty Free at LustLash! You can still have big fluffy eyelashes without any animals being harmed in the process. Be informed before you make a decision about your lashes!



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