Volume Lashes Pros and Cons…

Volume lashes have pros and cons.

TECHS: Depending where you purchase your products, volume lashes can be great quality or a complete nightmare.
CLIENTS: Depending on where you receive volume lashes, and depending on where your tech buys the products, you can have a deceiving appearance of volume lashes or a look of lashes that is a nightmare.

A Great Retailer I use which is Natural and cruelty free Faux minx lashes made right here in Canada! check out link below…

www. Enlightenedlashes.com

or If your in Vancouver BC area come see me @  www.Lustlash.weebly.com   
Volume lashes are made to help create a thicker fuller appearance, by having additional attached lashes. So instead of individual lash extensions (1 lash extension to 1 natural lash), you have
1 volume lash (which can consist of 2 or more lashes) to one natural lash. Volume lashes will be a lighter weight, (0.0.7 or lighter) and will be light enough that the natural lashes can carry the extensions.

Volume lashes are great for concealing missing “lash gaps”, from plucking, scars, non-growth, etc. They also help make lashes appear fuller than normal, which are also great for clients who have few lashes (low density lash base.)

Another great reason volume lashes are wonderful? They help create more fullness if you don’t have a full lash base. This is great news for clients who have a poor lash base naturally, especially for mature clients.

Volume lashes unfortunately have some major issues. Depending on where you buy, or where your tech gets the lashes/product, some lashes can be poor quality and clump, bunch together. When this happens, its nearly impossible to get the lashes to separate to create the original volume look. When the lashes bunch together, the lashes, they end up looking like one giant-thick lash, instead of 2 (or more) wispy natural lash extensions.

What I had assumed was a heavy lash (0.20 or 0.25) was ACTUALLY Volume Lashes!
 What I had assumed was a heavy lash (0.20 or 0.25) was ACTUALLY Volume Lashes!
This client came in with HEAVY lashes on, and wanted a fill. I could not 100% grantee the work, since half of the lashes left we’re from a LOCAL competitor. 
She understood, and wanted a volume look, but not so heavy or harsh looking. Just
by looking at her I assumed the lashes we’re just heavy(too thick).
As I was doing a fill, I was looking at some lashes, thinking they we’re heavier (0.20 or 0.25) in weight. They we’re grown out, and I was going to take them off. As I did, and separated,I realized these we’re volume lashes. Each bunch had clumped together, and we’re nearly impossible to separate. They’re we’re at least 5-6 lashes in each grouping. Even though they we’re a weight of 0.05 -0.07, having 5-6 lashes bunched together on one lash, was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to much. Within a week of maintenance, the lashes would clump together, and look like one thick lash. Imagine if you had a full set of these!

Another problem! If you lose one natural lash, you now losing 2 or more lashes. Because of this, you may need to come in for fills more often, if your lash cycle is fast growing, or for other reasons. Unlike the original 1:1 lash extension formulation.

If you are impatient, this could be a lot longer of a service. A normal set of extensions 1:1 is about 1.5-2 hours long.
Volume lash appointments, depending on the lashes applied,
2D or 3D can take 2-2.5-3 Hours.


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